Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 starts w shovelling, of course

Last night I was watching LOTR, cheering on Morland Holmes. Drinking wine, nibbling crackers, fast forwarding judiciously. Wait, you say, there is no Holmes in LOTR. I refer you to season 4 Elementary, where Morland Holmes is played by John Noble, who also played Denethor splendidly. (Some of you shrug, that's ok.) Perfect casting in both cases.

The point of the story is that in between discs about 9:15, I looked outside to see it snowing hard. Really hard. I was so glad to be inside, knowing I wasn't going to make it till midnight and not caring.  

That meant shovelling this morning. At least it's light and fluffy. We've probably had nearly a foot in the last week or so. Here's the first photo of 2017.

We like to shovel the back patio onto the garden. This gives it a bit more snow pack for protection against chinooks, and lets us use the patio if it gets nice out. I will not be astonished to be using the BBQ sometime in January, wearing a T shirt.

Here's the December image of the month. It was a hard choice between the skyline shot with the swirl or the moon under the bridge, and this one.

I don't hear any of my readers weeping, wailing, and generally flinging themselves about, so I'll continue to post at least a good photo a day, except when the photo is a learning experience. Then it might be a "bad" one. Once I get a better place to display the photos that might change. You'll be the first to find out.

A buddy reminded me I haven't done an AMA for a while. So dear readers, you get to open the year by opening your imagination by asking me anything. All questions guaranteed an answer. Send them by comment, Facebook, Twitter, or text. Even Instagram if you must.


  1. I love John Noble, he has amazing acting ability. He was in some other tv show that Kris and I enjoyed immensely a few years back. Ill have to look into Elementary. Your photos are pretty darned good so please continue.

  2. Great photo. Sorry about the snow. What the heck's LOTR. We're having a dry January so I hope it doesn't involve a lot of alcohol. Still noodling about my intentions for 2017 but, if I have my way, it will involve more photography for sure. AMA question: If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Happy New Year!!

    1. LOTR is Lord of the Rings. Thanks for the AMA!

  3. How do you get from a shot out of the camera to the edited shots I love and why doesn't the iPhone shots look as good? Talk to me like I'm in grade 5.


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