Friday, January 27, 2017

The omni-directional sunrise HDR surprise

For a short while today, I could see sunrise everywhere I looked.

Here it is, off to the south east, where you'd expect it.

Here's the HDR surprise. I wanted to bring out some of the colour buried in the bright sunrise on the horizon, and some of the detail in the trees. The tool for that is HDR. The problem when I was looking at the merged HDR images is that I didn't like any of them. There are a bunch of preset selections, and I normally choose normal or photographic. Both sucked. I paged through all the others, and a couple of the painterly ones caught my eye. Then I got into the B&W and perked up. They looked better. Much better. This would have been taken within a minute of the above colour image, so the sky is the same. Which do you prefer?

 Looking North East.

Looking South and a bit west.

Looking North.

Looking West and a bit North.


  1. I love both the first and last one...that blue is just perfect.

  2. For sunrises and sunsets colour wins.


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