Thursday, January 12, 2017

Found another

The work of building a place (Adobe Portfolio) for  you to see my best images continues. Along the way I'm discovering all sorts of things, such as images that look almost good and just need some tweaking I didn't know how to do then, images that I'd lost altogether, and images with bizarre keywords or star ratings. Some of those last I think I must have had a set selected rather than an individual photo. I can see that I'm going to have to go back much more thoroughly.

This photo, for example. Appropriate in another way, since it's happening noticeably later and later every day now.

I'm not sure if it's been on the blog or not, and I'm not gonna go back and look. Why? Because I spent a big chunk of the afternoon looking through 12K images for it. I hadn't starred it, hadn't keyworded it, and had no idea when I'd shot it. All I knew was that I'd been on the Anderson pedestrian bridge, so it had to be after the photos of it being installed. Except I couldn't find them either, and I couldn't remember when that had been. Sigh.

Plus, including it in the portfolio isn't a slam dunk. There are lots of spectacular sunrise or sunset shots to consider. I wanted them all on the same page so I could consider them. Which leads me to collections. I finally found a good reason to use a collection. It's a default one called Quick Collections. As you scroll through your photos in library mode, there is a small circle in the upper right corner. Clicking that adds the photo to the Quick Collection. Click a bunch, then go look at the collection for whatever reason. In my case it's to choose between them and select the best. If you click the circle again, it gets removed from the Quick Collection. As I go through and add each to the portfolio I remove it from the Collection. Pretty slick!

This one I know you haven't seen. I found it as well, no stars or keywords, and a poor job of editing in Lightroom. I finished that up properly so I could include it in the portfolio.

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