Wednesday, January 25, 2017

That woman, again

Into the pool for a swim, and there's that woman in my lane again. She's good company in the pool, always happy to share a lane, sticks to her side of it, and just lately has been trying to race me. Today was 50 m, 40 seconds, me working hard trying to stay ahead. Normally I lose her on the flip turn, but she powered through and was right there to push me home to the finish. Good for her!

After a West Bragg Creek snowshoe hike, a crampon hike up to the Ink Pots, and a fairly hard run, my hams are feeling beat up. And, according to my wonderful massage therapist, my quads, and calves, and butt and almost everything connected to those. Much better after.

So what did I do? I was looking for some fresh air so I put the crampons on, and went for a walk in Votiers Flats. Not long, not far, but I was carrying my camera pack because I didn't know what I'd find to photograph. In the end, no lens changes. But you never know.

Here's what I got. Pick the one that's not in Fish Creek.

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