Friday, May 31, 2024

Flowery Friday 1

Throughout April and May I was thinking that Calgary liked spring so much it did it over again. And again and again, and then again some more. As mentioned in the garden tour the other day, we had frost right into the last week of May. That puts a damper on putting plants in the ground, but Linda persisted.

These photos were taken before mid May. Flower people are not going to be surprised at any of these.










Some recent photos at random, just because.

10. Just about my all time favourite treat. You will never guess where I found the best commercially baked date squares. The  bakery in the Winks gas station in, (wait for it) Whitecourt.

11. A recent view of downtown, not quite so moody as the film one below. 

12. And a serendipity from a view of downtown, from way back in 2016.

Of the Day
Driftwood (NZ)

And a Yukon aurora that showed up as the serendipity to the NZ driftwood. 

Film (new)
A moody look at downtown.

Michelle X2
We were trying to get a double exposure of us beside each other, but we didn't quite get the spacing right.

Michelle loved that picnic table stage.

And Celina, doing what she does best.

And a serendipity from August 2016. I normally can recognize my photos and recall the circumstances. But not this time. Later it came to me. It was during an evening walk with Neil Zeller when he was still doing his informal evening photo walks.

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

The spring garden tour

We've had a rough spring. Several of them. Even as late as a few days ago we were getting light frost, and Linda was humping her bought plants inside to keep them happy. She just today finished planting all  but a few of them, so you get the tour. Some of them might still be looking a little shaken up, given the ordeal they've faced, but I'm sure they will settle in.

1. Starting from the left side of the garage.





6. This is a new rose to replace the decorative grass stalks.

7. Yes, the lawn is really green from all the rain and fertilizer treatment just before the rain. For a while I was thinking I was going to have to use the weed whacker on the grass just to get it down to where the reel mower could cope. It took the better part of the afternoon to cut and trim, and needs doing again soon.

8. Some bees are already buzzing around the mint plant looking for food. Not yet.

9. The white peony is actually running a little behind the other peonies.

10. These two clematis have settled in and are happily taking over the lattice, with a rose plant putting up a valiant struggle.

11. The red peony is going gangbusters!

12. More tulips and  a new peony. I missed the one just the other side of the iron work.

13. The lilies here are a ways from blooming but look happy.


15. The back patio.










25. Then around to some planters between our house and the neighbour.




29. This clematis needs to be repressed a bit, I think it's actually growing through the tiny ventilation slots into the attic.

Of the Day
Driftwood (NZ)


Film (new)
The rocky overhang near Troll Falls.

Michelle X2