Monday, January 2, 2017

Keep those AMA coming!

I've had 3 AMA so far. You can Ask Me Anything, and I'll answer. There are answers for all three, though one is very short right now. Not for long. You never know when I'll cut it off and hit publish. So get those questions in by comment, Facebook, or Twitter.

One of the questions by an author buddy has me thinking about my characters in a different way, and this has all been good. Thanks!

I've been thinking about photos for the coming year. I'd like to work on landscapes some more, and since some of the most stunning landscapes are within a few hour drive I've got no excuse. I've done a lot more sunrises than sunsets, and maybe some balance would be good. Doing some research to make the most of a photo weekend in Banff. I'm still looking for a good mountain skyline shot. Cat photos if anyone wants me to come and do them. Playing paparazzi to triathlon and running races was fun, and I'd be happy to do more of that. When I get tired of that and the weather is bad, there's always my glass paperweights. So much to photo, so little time. Call me if you're looking for company on a photo ramble.

So far this year looks much like last year. I haven't been out on a photo ramble yet, so I'm still working on the backlog. I'm told I need to publish more cat pictures. Here's one. If you tried to put her in this position, there would be howling meows of outrage, and the cat judge would surely hear of it. But when they do it themselves...

Here's another. This is actually a little scary when blown up.

I think there is a rant brewing about the mindset that pays no attention and says nothing when the price of gas goes up 25 cents a litre over a month, and then loses its shit when it goes up 4.5 cents on a carbon tax.

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