Bermuda: story, videos, photos

When I told people we were going to Bermuda for vacation, the question was always "Been there before?" Every time. No idea why. We don't like to do the all inclusive thing where you stay in a white bread resort, eat the same cooking, and do only resort stuff. I can see why some people like it, and if works for them, more power to them. But we like to rent an apartment and try to get at least a bit of the flavour of the place.

We do lots of internet research to find the apartments, and figure out at least some of what we want to do. Some of it we leave to discover when we get there, by talking to our host, or agent, or other people we meet along the way. Our thinking is to not go crazy trying to see everything there is to see by being on the go from dawn to dusk or later. We do a few things, and schedule in time to hang out and relax.

So, in no special order, here are some photos and videos of our trip. Hope you enjoy.

At the very end of the West Jet wing of the Calgary airport are these two funky cool wind up carousels. There is a big key making a loud clicking noise you turn to make them go. Kids of all ages turn the keys. I have myself. What's neat about these is that my buddy Jeff de Boer made them, and painted himself and his wife into the plane windows.

 These moon gates are everywhere in Bermuda. They are considered to bring good fortune.

This is one view of the beach I ended up running on a bit later.

During our first couple days it was really windy. Really, really, windy. As in "near gale force" winds, according to the weather channel. Here are 3 videos with some evidence. There was no way we were not going to walk around outside, wind or no wind, once we spent all that money getting to a warm place. The third video is of the view from the base of the weather tower, and the noise the wind was making.

Imagine my astonishment at discovering a dairy farm on Bermuda. Plus feral chickens everywhere.

Here's a neat tile mosaic in Hamilton.

One shot of the view from our patio.

Here's some video from our pool deck.

One of the sunsets as we were out for a walk.

We walked down to St David's, a small town the next island. Along the way we saw this. We had no idea at all that Bermudians cared so much about their lamb that they had a special urgent care centre for them, complete with a truck bay to bring them in.

Clearwater beach, right at the end of the airport runway. Quite nice.

Linda relaxing beside the pool.

Us relaxing beside the pool.

Us beside the pool, with some of the view behind us. I might frame this shot.

Out for a walk on the railway trail one day, looking at the incredible colours of the ocean.

More feral chickens! Just as we came upon these, we saw a house cat stalking the chickens.

Part of the trail on this island is interrupted by a dock for petroleum products. Everything has to come in by ship, and there is a huge tank farm beside the dock.

This is the end of the trail on this island. There is a Martello fort right behind me. 

I love photosynth for taking panorama photos. This is from beside the Martello fort, covering almost 360 degrees.

Technically, at this moment I'm working. Wifi worked by the pool, so I saw no reason to stay indoors while responding to some work related email. Even though I'm on vacation, I can't skip hustling for the next work contract. I was hoping that someone would want to interview me via a Skype or FaceTime call. That would have been so cool.

Just below our house is a large pad. The first few days they were dealing with a shipment of gravel. Then a series of boats tied up. I was seriously contemplating asking them if they needed a trainee crewman.

This should be rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise. These are the stairs we go up from the Kyber Pass road to the lane for the house. Steep stairs.

This was the day I went snorkeling at Tobacco beach. The feral chickens had no fear of us at all and were strongly hinting they were looking for a handout.

The obligatory feet on the beach vacation shot. Although the water was fairly calm in the protected area, it was still windy with big waves out in the ocean itself. The water was very turbid in the bay so I couldn't see squat.

I hadn't know Bermuda had caves. These were amazing!

Here's a video of the caves.

They figure this Banyan tree is a 1000 years old. It's in the gardens beside the caves.

After the caves we went to the Swizzle Inn for lunch. Very good. I'm not much a drinker for hard booze, but the rum swizzle they make could convert me. Fruit juice and dark rum. Very refreshing. Very potent. I can just imagine sitting on a boat or a nice patio and getting thoroughly blotto on this over the course of an afternoon. While there this little bird came around looking for a handout. I could have reached down to touch him.

Of course Canada has a consulate in Bermuda. I strongly suspect this is not considered a hardship post.

From Hamilton we took a ferry ride across the harbour to the Dockyards. Here's a panorama.

Another day in Hamilton we lucked into a performance by the Bermuda Gombey Dancers. Nothing I can say will prepare you. This performance was an hour long, and I only filmed a bit of it.

The Bermuda public transit system is an efficient way to get around, once you learn to find the poles marking the bus stops. Technically they are to be painted pink or blue, but many are not. Many bus stops have these shelters that could nearly double as a bomb shelter. Built from stone.

One ride I was sitting right behind the driver, and shot this view of the narrow roads. There are typically no sidewalks. Walk facing traffic and be prepared to dive over a wall.

Of course Bermuda has a Botanical Garden. We spent a delightful day there. And no, I have no idea what any of the flowers are. They were just pretty. And blooming. Ask Linda.

And a moose! Who could have guessed I would find a moose in the botanical gardens? I have no idea why they do, but I was delighted.

I love that the T shirt I'm wearing is so appropriate.

The official residence of some government official is in the botanical gardens, and you can tour it. Nice. Classy. Here's the view from the porch, comprising 180 degrees. The tent in the left is where we had the soiree.

In the botanical gardens is an art museum. We got a free tour, in conjunction with the soiree. They had a few pieces I liked.

This sax player is evidently one of the best in Bermuda. He has a wonderful singing voice.

Just another view from the pool. I couldn't help myself.

Here's a panorama from the pool deck.

A sunset from the pool deck. The sideways chevrons in the clouds were so cool. I've never seen anything like that before. Not that I'm trying to incite envy about the view or anything.

A couple days before we left I was out for a run around the north part of the island. A beautiful sunny day. Perfect for running. I hadn't noticed this little beach before, just across from the dairy farm.

Just another ocean view while running.

The view from one of the forts at one of the ends of the island.

Halfway through the run I stopped to take off my shoes and run on this beach. Amazing. I really must do this more often. If I hadn't had the camera in my pocket I would have gone for a swim.

Get out your reading glasses. Look for the tower in the centre of the photo, at the top of the hill. At it's base, there is a pink house. Ours is the next one to the left.

 I'm not sure what Linda is looking for.

The morning we left. I can't get enough of this view. So many shades of blue.

The morning after we left. The view from our hotel in YYZ. The only thing good about it was that it was 45 minutes to get from the plane seat to our bed, including collecting luggage, clearing customs, and checking in.

Linda in the Bermuda airport waiting for our flight. Melancholy about going home I think.

You didn't know Bermuda has a glass blowing facility, did you? We couldn't resist bringing home a guard critter. Here he is emerging from the lair we packed him home in.

Here he is in all his glory. We haven't named him.

And because guard critters must have a side-kick, and we didn't want him to be lonely, we brought him a friend.

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  1. Oh wow. I think I need to go there. It looks amazing. I would be a bit glum coming home, too, I think.

  2. Bermuda is so beautiful! My husband has a friend who lives there...he has a rough life :)

    So glad you had a nice time!

  3. BEAUTIFUL...especially that moose! Glad you had a great time.


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