Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fragility, then strength

Yesterday I blogged about those two rose buds hanging in from last year. Today I was out for a walk in Fish Creek with just the 100 mm lens. I'd no idea what I'd find. But here's the opposite of the delicate rose buds.

The difference between what the camera sees, and what the human eye sees is astonishing sometimes.  When you look at the bridge from the path, even in good light, it looks black. No detail. I took the shot because I liked the dark geometry against the sky. Imagine my surprise when the girders turn out to be a bit of a silvery colour, and there is all sorts of detail showing up. At first I thought it would be these monolith shapes, but the texture of the steel is even more interesting. Consider that some worker pounded in all those rivets by hand.

Since I'm on the topic of bridges, I'll include another bridge shot for you.

In other news, as a hint, check out the changes to the 'Registered in' section in the sidebar. Best run buddy ever has promised to keep me honest about training. I'm a little nervous about the bullwhip artistry course she has just signed up for, but that's just me.

The pool was a gong show today. It looked like only 2 lanes open, and both were full of people that put the wreck in recreational swimming. I hung out in the viewing stands and caught up on my mail. Once the 50 m lanes opened I got one to myself, feeling creaky. I actually swam a warmup. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I swim a warm up. Normally I just get on with it. 1K 19 minutes long course. 4x 100 feeling kind of feeble. 100 backstroke in 2:35. I've no idea how fast that is, since it's the first time I've ever timed myself for back stroke. Normally it's a cool down. One more fast 100. Chatting with people in the hot tub.

There's other good news I can almost share. Come back tomorrow.

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