Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Great light

There are days I wish I brought my camera everywhere. My problem is that I'm not happy leaving it in the car when I'm at Repsol working out, and I'm not happy taking it into the locker room with me. I suppose I could put it in one of the little mini lockers by the front desk, but then I'd have to remember on the way out. My track record isn't good for that. Plus there's a fee for it, but I don't know how much.

Photographers care a lot about light. It can change an image from blah, to fabulous, and back to blah again in a few minutes. Driving home from the workout I think I'd missed the best part of the sunrise, but it was still pretty nice with fluffy pink clouds. As I got closer to home the light got better, showing off all the hoarfrost on the trees.

Like this one, with the hoarfrost just on one side.

Or this one, what I saw as I was pulling into the driveway. You might have seen it on Facebook already.

This one of a tree in one of my neighbours is one of my best shots in a while. I tried to capture how the sunlight was dappling the frost.

And then it was gone. Back to ordinary light.

Still, I managed to get this one of Curtis looking regal. If his elbow was sticking out a bit more, it would be his classic lounging pose.

I haven't forgotten the house shots showing the Chinook, but the effects are not as dramatic as I had hoped.

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  1. Ah yes - light is fleeting and every once in a while the god`s remind us of its magic - the third photo is a winner - it might print really well on a metallic paper


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