Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Still cold, but warm soon, they say

Environment Canada likes to play a cruel trick on Canadians sometimes. We'll be into a deep freeze, and suddenly a warm temperature will appear on the forecast. Then it stays out there, always a week out. There's a Rick Mercer video about that. Here's Calgary's, today.

In other places, like Edmonton, or anywhere in Saskatchewan, temperatures are a faint dream to keep you going. Best believe it here. Chinooks are a thing, big time. We're going to need to break out the watercraft over the weekend. Everybody wants it to warm up, but 14 C (nearly room temperature) is going a little overboard. The BBQ's and patios will be going full blast. Wait and see.

Meanwhile, it's still frigging cold out there. Sunny but cold. There is a full moon rising this afternoon, and I'm wondering where I can go to look NE and get a nice photo of it, that isn't too far away from the house, and doesn't involve standing in the wind waiting.

To cheer you up, I went back into my archives, such as they are, to pull out a nice flower photo to help warm you up.

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