Monday, December 31, 2007

A quiet day at the pool

What with the time of year and all, I had no idea of what to expect at the pool this morning. I ended up sharing a lane with two other people. Both swam a little slower than me, but were really good about waiting at the ends for me to go by. I have to say that this is the politest pool I've been to recently for that.

However, I do have to say that swimming in circles brings out the competitor in me. I hate being passed. So that lead to a fairly brisk swim this morning. Yes, it was nice to pull ahead of the other two guys in the lane. But there was a girl in the next lane going much faster than her shitty stroke indicated. She gradually pulled away from me, sloppy arms and messy kick and all. I felt better when she stopped, got a drink, and did other strokes. I kept going, swoosh, swoosh, picturing myself wearing a swim cap with a shark fin on the top of it.

44 min, 38 seconds for what I think was 2250 m. I admit the possibility of 2300 m, but I'm not going to claim it, since I couldn't see the pace clock. The first part of the swim felt fast, but unless I can talk myself into believing an 18:02 K, it was 19 min exactly. Which seems to be my usual brisk pace these days. Then I settled down into my usual pace as my arms got tired.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another recovery workout

After my adventures last week with the rebellion in my legs, I thought a lot about the planned workout today. It called for a 1.5 hr spin and .5 hr run. My calves have come along well and I didn't want to overdo it today. Even though I see the value in them, and need to do them, I didn't take any chances by doing one legged drills.

I spent a few minutes massaging and stretching my legs before the bike and started slow.
10 min warm up
10 min gradually increasing to 85 rpm and holding for last 5 min. I didn't feel smooth till the 15 min mark.
For the main workout I did 6 sets of 7 min on and 3 resting. Most of the on parts were at 100 rpm in a fairly easy gear, enough to get heartrate into the middle of my aerobic zone. I experimented with several different gears. One was significantly harder gear but I did that set at 85-90 rpm.
10 min cool down. I was almost surprised the bike workout was done so quickly.

3 min transition, including a few short stretches while changing. The plan was to keep my heart rate about 135 during the run. I was running gently (8 min for 1st K) for 11 minutes when I started to get a tickle in my left calf. I slowed down more, stopped to rub it a few times, then walked a few steps. I started running again slowly, but it didn't get worse. After a few more steps it settled down and I kept going. However, at the 20 minute mark both calves gave first notice they had had enough, thank you very much. I walked another 10 minutes without any further bother from them, then did some more stretching and massage. Right now they're both tired, but not complaining. I'm in the process of booking an appointment with my wonderful massage therapist.

I'd hoped to get though the whole run, and start benchmarking where I am, but given the circumstances I'm fairly pleased. I could have stayed on the bike much longer. My hands were the part that were the most tired, and I had to shake them out several times each, but my arms and butt didn't bother me hardly at all. There's times the spinning is coming really well; I'll be going along ok then suddenly everything comes together, and my feet are going faster with less effort. Now if only I can make that happen more often! This was the first ride where my toes didn't start going to sleep on me. I guess that means I'm developing a lighter foot on the pedals.

Weekly summary
Swim 1.16 hrs
Bike 2.75 hrs
Run .33 hrs
Total 4.25 hrs.

When I bought my cell phone in July, there was a money back program or something and they gave me a gift card for it. It fell out of my wallet the other day when paying for Thai food. I'd forgotten about it, so I went into London Drugs to see if there's anything I could buy for $75. My female fans will be happy to know that I did NOT buy a present for my 23rd anniversary with it! But I did discover I can no longer install the newest version of the Mac operating system on this computer. Sigh. That's normally my signal to go buy a new computer. I don't quite want to just yet, I've spent a lot of $ on stuff (hello Greg!) lately, and there's still eyeglasses to buy in Jan. But soon. I was thinking about Greg and how we were chatting on IM while he was riding, and I was thinking about installing the computer in front of where I spin on the bike in the basement, and watch movies while spinning. Bike training motivational movies, of course. My wife suggested if I get a treadmill it could go right there too, but I'm resisting that idea. I'm not big on them, and there's very few days in Calgary where it's too crappy outside to run.

Another year is coming to an end, and this is my traditional time to look things over and reflect on the year past, and the year coming up. It was a big year for me in that for the second time in my adult life I said enough and changed my habits to trim off major weight. I'm not sure what I peaked out at, but I'm reasonably sure that it was mid 270's early in the year. So I'm pretty comfortable saying I'm down 30 pounds this year. I won't say I'm in the best shape of my life; that's not even close to being true. But if I keep it up, that could be during 2008. I changed jobs unexpectedly, and I'm pleased where I am now.

We ended up visiting Linda's family quite a bit in 2007, and finally said good bye to her mom. She beat an aneurism that was one of the biggest seen in Canadian medical history, but the complications from brain cancer got her in the end. I guess my best tribute to her is that I lost my taste for mother-in-law jokes after meeting her. I miss her. There were several other deaths in my family, one expected, one decidely not so. It's always a big shock when someone your own age dies unepectedly. I guess all I can say is that it reaffirms my determination to make the most of what I've got, appreciate it for what it is, and live to the fullest.

I wish you all the best in 2008.

Friday, December 28, 2007

That's better

Last night's spin workout was moderate, aimed more at helping my legs recover and practicing round and round, rather than working the lungs and heart. So after warming up, which happened a lot quicker than yesterday, I settled in at 85 to 90 rpm. Moving from gear to gear, up and down to simulate different levels of effort broke the monotony. Every time I noticed my mind wandering from my feet and legs, I brought it back, settled down, relaxed my legs, and tried to let them do their thing. Mostly the effort felt even, but a few times it seemed like my right foot was making bigger circles than my left.

I even did a little in a big gear at about 40 rpm. This was sort of an odd feeling but it gave me time to think about what my legs were doing. Afterward I found it hard to get back into the high rpm mood. I called it a day when my legs started feeling a bit twitchy and the round timing was beginning to come apart. That was at the 45 minute mark. A few minutes of stretching and leg massage was the end of the physical workout, then I started another of some brutally hard Sudoku puzzles in a book I got.

The swim this morning was excellent.
1500 m 29 min
This felt strong and comfortable, but I could tell my calves wouldn't want to do much more. Tomorrow is a rest day.

Oh, and I was dreading the number this morning. I was thinking about the shorter, lighter, and missing workouts. I was thinking about all the chocolate and general piggery, though there was less of it than in previous years. There I was, standing before the machine of truth, watching this killer workout class, and thinking my abs hurt just watching the class. Enough suspense. 246. Again. Which, all things considered, pleases the heck out of me. On track for the goal next week.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Slooooww swim

For a while this morning I was wondering if I'd forgotten how to swim. And given my keyboarding so far this morning, my fingers have forgotten how to type.

1 K 20:20 nice and easy.
20 minutes of pool pilates.

The rest seems to have done my calf muscle lots of good. I can walk without it reminding me it exists, but I can still feel it being tired.

Between the minor injury and Christmas, the schedule this week is out the window, but I'm not gonna worry about it. I'll maybe bike tonight and swim again tomorrow and see how it goes.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

more gentleness

Tuesday was another nice walk.

Wednesday was a very gentle spin session. My heart rate didn't even crack 3 digits it was so gentle. I wanted to do an easy spin and see what my calf thought. It's still a bit sore and I didn't want to overdo it. For a half hour I concentrated on light feet, going round and around in an easy gear, at max rpm of 88, and much of it was between 80 and 85.

Monday, December 24, 2007

A gentle walk

I bailed on the plan to swim this morning. I slept in instead. My calf is still cramped, though better. About all I can say is that in the morning walking wasn't actively painful. Linda massaged it for a while, and I blasted at it with the shower nozzle. Later we went for a gentle walk down to Fish Creek. The pain gradually went away, and for a while it didn't bother me at all. Toward the end it started coming back again, and I was pretty glad to sit down.

However, we walked to the base of what I remember being a very steep hill that might be good for run and bike training. Here's a couple photos of it, though they don't really give a true impression of how steep it is. It keeps going up after the corner you can see. At some point I'll have to try riding up and see how far I get, and if I can get my feet unclipped quick enough when I stop.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

spin and run cramp

The bike was a bit of a mix and match today. I felt reasonably good, but not great. Somehow my feet felt just a bit out of time. It's like I could feel my right foot doing an arc, then my left foot. I had the oddest feeling of not being grounded or stable on the bike.

10 min warmwup
10 min set 1 min each at 100, 110, 120, 130, 120, 110, 100 without a rest in between. That got the heart rate going.
10 min doing some one legged drill.
10 min at 100 rpm in medium gear on small chainring, HR low 130's, then 5 minute recovery.
7 x 20 sec at 140 to 150 rpm with 1 min 40 second recovery.
1 set on big chainring, 100 rpm, then 85, then a harder gear, do it again, harder gear, do it again.
spin it out to the 1.5 hr mark doing easy spin cool down.

3 minute transition
I got 10 minutes into my 20 minute run, and got a cramp or something in my left calf. That came on almost between one step and the next. I ended up walking gently back to the house after trying to stretch it out and massage it a bit. I'm not quite sure what I was doing different today, or if muscles are just tired after a long hard week. I'll see how it feels tomorrow, and maybe give it more rest if needed.

My weekly total
Swim 2.5 hr
Bike 4 hr
Rune 1.66 hr
Total 8.16 hrs.

Friday, December 21, 2007

A swimming schmodge

I wasn't totally awake when I went into the pool this morning, and figured I'd best do some high intensity stuff.

500 m warmup 9:45
100 m one arm drill
250 m with pull buoy, and that's a weird feeling
50 m kick
10 x 50 m in 45-47 seconds on 1:15 start
50 in 39 seconds!!!! A personal best ever! (just for the one who got her ego kicked to the curb, I hope you feel better now.)
50 m kick
100 m pull buoy
200 m cooldown

Total 1800 m
This is the first time in a long while my arms have felt like they're falling off.

And, wait for it, waaaaaiiiit

Thursday, December 20, 2007

My first negative split ever!

I was going to update tonight after the spin, but I just couldn't wait. The plan called for 50 min, 5r 2w.

5 min warmup
6 x 5r 2w
3 min cooldown and I was back at the car!!!! I was figuring 5 min cooldown for a 52 min workout.

I had a brisk warmup, and ran well down the hill, and along the Nose Creek path north past the golf dome up to beside the City roads facility. As near as I can tell from Google Maps, that's 3.3 Km. Turned around right on 26 min. At the bottom of the hill I looked at the time and realized I was ahead on time. So I churned up the hill, and kept running, then picked up the pace as I recovered. I was so pleased to be back at the car at 50:15. The run out took 26 min, and back 24:15 including up the ginormous hill.

For those of you who care about such things this works out to 7.9 Km per hour, or 7.6 min/Km pace, including warm up and cool down.

My hour long bike ride in the evening was uneventful. I did some cadence pyramids, one minute at 100, 110, 120, 130, 120, 110, 100 with a minute rest in between. On the big chainring picked a medium gear and maintained 90 rpm for 10 minutes. My heartrate settled in just under 130. I also did one minute bursts of 100 rpm with rests at 85, in 3 successively harder gears. I did this on the small chainring and ran out of gears. I guess I have to start on the big chainring if I want to do this again.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

drill at the geezer pool

I actually felt like doing some drill in the pool this morning. Gasp, astonishment.

250 m warmup 4:30 or so.
10 x 50m on 1:15 start. fastest was 41 or 42 seconds, slowest was 50, most were 45 to 50 seconds.
500 m in 10 min exactly, well, 1 second under if you want to be picky. Some slow, some fast, some working on stroke elements, some working on kick.
15 min pool pilates, for 45 min or so total.

I could still feel it from the spin session last night. Even now, in the evening, I'm looking forward to bed as soon as some house chores are done. The person that invents a washing machine that collects the clothes, sorts them, washes, drys, and folds/hangs/ puts away in your closet again is going to make a fortune.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Good run, strong spin

I was still tired from staying up late on Sunday night, but it was be at work at about 6:30 or go for a run. The IGP™ called for 40 min 4r 1w. Oddly enough, that's almost exactly what I did.

5 m warm up
6 x 4r 1w
5m cooldown

Total time was 40:20, which was a bit of a surprise to me. You see, I park at the top of a big hill, and run down it near the start, and have to run up it near the end. I ran fairly hard on the way out, turned around exactly on 20 min, and pushed harder on the way back. Up the hill was part walk, part run, then a brisk walk to cool off.

And it was frigging cold in the valley!! Up top was nice, but along the creek had my glasses fogging up for the first time this winter. I ran south this time along the Nose Creek path, and turned around where the path makes a sharp jog to the left then right, between 8th Ave and Memorial. That's for those who know the city, or are really good with Google Maps.

The spin was an even bigger surprise. I kept looking at my gears, thinking I was somehow in an easier gear than what I normally do. But no, I was in a harder gear. I got on the bike feeling strong tonight and looking forward to a good ride. Greg gave us all kinds of crazy stuff tonight, several one legged drills, some cadence pyramids, some hill simulation, some high cadence work.

I can feel the improvements. It used to be I started bouncing under 100 rpm, now it starts about 110. The one legged drills started hard and got brutal quickly, now I can almost get through the sets. Gear and cadence combinations that sent my heart rate into the no-fly zone are now doable, at least for a little while. Progress is very nice.

It all worked out to a solid 1.5 hours for me. Let's hope this was enough to work off the cookies I nibbled today.

Monday swim

1000 m 19:20
20 minutes pool pilates
5 min stretching in hot tub.
Bed early.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

nice day for a spin and run

The IGP™ called for bike 80 then run 15. However, I'm consumed with guilt about missing my Thursday/Friday 45 min bike. I figure I feel as much guilt as Greg does about missing a swim. It's that season; I went to a bit of a reunion with some a group of us that used to work together, and the other night was an office party.

So I decided to ride a bit extra today. What was odd is that the last few sessions my bike and trainer have been quiet. Today the bike sounded like a bowl of Rice Krispies right from the start, and no, it's not my joints. There was also a whoosh, whoosh sound I don't remember hearing before. I managed to mostly ignore it, and they mostly went away.

I looked at the trainer after the run, and found the hinge a bit loose, so I tighted it up. It might have been a bit tight on the tire, so I slacked it off a bit. Then I was spinning the back tire and looking at this fine line on the rim, and it's moving. As in up and down. I'm guessing my back wheel is slightly out of true, but I'll get Greg to look at it next Tues.

Overall the spin session went quite well. The bike is getting more comfortable, and I think I've migrated up a gear or two for my base spin setting.

20 min warm up, nice and easy.
1 legged drills for 10 min, 3x 30 sec rl, 30 sec both, 30 sec ll, 30 sec both
4 sets of 90 rpm for 1 min each in progressivly harder gears, rest 1 min
5 min at 100 rpm 3 min rest, 2 min at 110 rpm, 3 min rest 4 min at 100 rpm, 3 min rest.
8 minutes big gear 60 rpm 2 minutes rest (was concentrating on going round, rather than up and down, could feel it!)
30 seconds fast then 1.5 min rest, with fast being 90, 100, 120, 130, then 160. That last one was all out and I was seeing spots in front of my eyes, and I'm not sure I actually did the full 30 seconds. HR zoomed to 145.
10 min cool down
1.5 hr altogether

Then a 3 minute transition, and a 20 min run that was about 3 K. My heartrate started at below 100, and spent the entire run in the low 140's. My breathing was strong, no gasping, but I'm glad I wasn't trying to carry on a conversation. At the end of the run my HR was 145, and a walking minute later it was 117.

My weekly totals
Swim 1.9 hr
Bike 3 hr
Run 1.75
Total 6.66 hrs.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Pretty strong swim

Still not feeling like pool drills.

2K 39:12
15 minutes pool pilates

I've broken 39 minutes a few times, by really working at it, and doing a bit of a sprint on the last few laps. This time I wanted to break 39 min by swimming consistent laps. I was playing with a stronger kick and tweaking my stroke a bit. Mostly it went well, but for a few laps in the middle it all fell apart. I'm still learning to pace myself. It turns out I could have pushed a bit harder throughout, since I'm pretty sure I could have done another K at that pace.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

84 feet

That's what Google Earth tells me the elevation is from the top of the path down to the bottom. Or vise versa which is much harder.

6 min warmup
Some number of sets with some number of run minutes with some number of walk minutes.
5 min cool down

The plan called for 45 min 5r 2w. And I've totally spaced on what I actually did. I'm not even convinced I did the same set 4 times. I do know total time was 46:19, and I got all the way to the golf dome. It's not that I stopped running because I couldn't go on. I'm pacing myself so I'm in control of my breathing. I think I just messed up reading my watch, or lost track of when I started or stopped a segment. The run was good though. For a while it sounded like the pavement was hollow under my feet, which was sort of odd. I remember pushing hard on one of the middle sets. Must be time for bed. This rest thing is becoming really important to me.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The necessities

After the big spin workout last night, I wasn't up for a really intense swim. I had started to get some back muscle cramping on the way home last night. It got better during the spin, then I cramped up again overnight. I was hoping the swim would relax me, and it did for a bit. The planned walk at lunch was called off because of windy and blowing snow, and some general wimpiness on my part. I'll probably end up taking some Robaxisal for it tonight, and putting on some Tiger balm.

500 m nice and easy, 9:45
5x50 m hard, not sure of time because pace clock is way off to the slow lane side.
500 m easy 9:51
20 minutes of pool pilates

total 1250 m.

So far this pool has been really good, much better than I remember it being a about a year ago. There isn't quite as much choice for run routes, unless I want to run on the streets, but there's a heck of a hill. I'll have to look at Google Earth and see how much elevation change there is. The one shower is totally the bomb, and the others aren't bad. Not like the ones at the geezer pool where 3 drunks peeing could put out more fluid and pressure.

The less glamorous side of the fitness adventure is upon me tonight. Laundry. The thought of putting sweat dried workout gear back on again just grosses me out. And what would you all say if I dropped a run because I didn't have clean socks? You'd laugh, that's what you'd do. That and the extra towels adds up pretty quick. Eventually my employer will complete the gym and shower, and then there will be a place to hang stuff. For now, I have to do it somewhat discretely in my office, and I don't want any complaints.

Somewhere along one way, one of my fuzzy running socks has escaped. I suspected it of consorting, cavorting, and otherwise carrying on with one of my wife's socks, but a careful search of the sock harem didn't turn up mine. We now suspect it's hiding inside a folded up T shirt, or maybe a towel. Does this ever happen to anyone else?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Easy run, hard bike

The plan called for 40 min 3r 1w. And that's mostly what I did after parking at Renfrew. I got as far as the little wooden bridge, and did a brief Rocky dance on it, then turned around. Going up that hill again is tough. I was chugging away and made it to the top without stopping, but I wouldn't want to have been looking at my heart rate. It was really neat feeling it get much colder going down the hill. On the way back I was warm enough that I didn't notice a temperature difference.

Then came spin class in the evening. Lots of people tonight and I think almost everybody had a good time. It's a lot more fun being in a group. I got there early, and was on the bike about 20 minutes before class started to warm up. Let's see, we did some 1 legged drills, then some high cadence sets I couldn't keep up with, then some steady cadence moving into higher gears every minute for 4 minutes, then resting, and doing that 4 times, and if that wasn't enough, we did some short all out bursts with a long rest, and we did that a bunch of times.

I ended up being on the bike just over an hour and a half, and felt good the entire time. Well, let me rephrase that. My hands and butt felt good, though my legs and lungs were getting a bit tired. A lot tired. I think of tonight as a good solid workout. I'm feeling strong and steady maintaining 90 or 100 rpm, even in the harder gears, at least until my heart rate tops out. I don't yet have the skills to pedal at 110 for very long at all.

I miss riding my bike outside. I'd love to go for a ride out highway 22x and not worry about drills or anything. Just ride and look at the scenery. Look at cadence and heart rate every once in a while to be sure I'm not slacking off, but mainly just going for a fun ride. With any luck a chinook will come along on a day I'm not working, and I'll be gone.

Monday, December 10, 2007

swim day, nickname needed for this pool

Today I went to Renfrew pool to swim. It involves a little less driving than the geezer pool, though I have to go through downtown. Hardly anyone there, and although I had to share a lane, we did circles and she was really considerate.

No drill, just swam 1.5 K in 29:30, then did pool pilates for 15 minutes. I was thinking about some swim technique stuff, trying to keep elbows high, and it seems to help.

This pool has the informal slow, medium and fast lanes. Slow is for standing around chatting and cooling down after the hot tub or steam room. Medium is for people that are swimming, or trying to. Fast is for people that can actually swim. And they have real taps for the showers, not the stupid buttons that spray water for 8.6 seconds.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

long (for me) spin and run

The IGP™ called for an 80 min spin and a 20 min run.

Warmed up, then did some one legged drills.
Did some pyramids, 85, 90, 100, 110 rpm.
Did 10 min at 100 rpm, HR in low 130's, then some recovery.
Then 15 min at 90 rpm, HR in low 120's.
The last 20 min was a mix of speeds, grinding it out.

5 min transition, including fluid management.
20 min run went well, started easy. Most of the run was over 140 HR, ending at 149. A one min walking recovery dropped my heart rate down to 123. The run worked out to almost exactly 3 Km. The run was cold, and if we hadn't had a social obligation this morning and early afternoon, I could have timed it better so I'd be out running now, for instance. It's nice now.

Overall it went well. Right about the hour mark I had a bout of the fidgets and was thinking about packing it in. Then I flashed on what 5'2 of disappointment looks like, and I settled in. I can feel the effort in my calves and hips; they know they've had a workout and are tired.

I'm not so interested in drills in the pool, but I think I need them for the bike. Thinking about finishing this one, and getting read for the next one keeps my mind off my hands and butt. It seems that as soon as I finish a tough drill and relax, everything starts hurting.

Weekly total
Swim 2.25 hrs
Bike 3.33
Run 1.66
Total 7.2 hrs

Friday, December 7, 2007

Quickie spin and Golden Compass

I slipped out of work a bit early, then jumped on the bike almost as soon as I got home. The IGP™ called for a 45 minute spin.

10 min warmup, then onto the big chainring and the 3rd easiest gear on the back.
5 min at 90 rpm, then one harder gear
5 min at 90 rpm, then one harder gear
5 min at 90 rpm, then one easier gear (breathing hard and sweating a bucket by now, with heart rate about 145.)
5 min at 90 rpm, then one easier gear (heart rate down a bit)
5 min at 90 rpm, then back into a way easier gear (heart rate coming down nicely)
10 min cool down. (heart rate ending about 115 or so)

Then we met some friends to go see The Golden Compass. I loved it! The story is wonderful, the characters superbly portrayed, the mix of real world and CGI is brilliant. I want to see the next two made, so go see it in the theatre. You might have heard about the controversy caused by some religious people claiming it's an assault on religion, especially Christianity, and especially the Roman Catholic faith. I can see how some people might read it that way, but it could equally be interpreted as an assault on all authority figures. Other than that, I say if the shoe fits....

So THATS a fast swimmer

Yesterday's run was a new route, parking at the Renfrew Aquatic centre, then running through the neighbourhood to the Nose Creek path. From there I went down the hill, up to the big golf dome, and back, in 45 minutes. For all that you're close to Deerfoot there's very little traffic noise. Was cool and calm and it felt good.
5 min warmup
5 x 5r 3 w. Note that the first and last were very gentle runs.
5 min cooldown.

My swim this am was great after a rocky start.
500 m warm up
30 x 50 m in 45 to 50 seconds on 1:15 start.
15 minutes pool pilates.
2000 m total.

Most of the intervals were around 47 seconds. Slowest was 49, and fastest was 43. Got into the groove and rocked.

Toward the end of my intervals a slender guy jumped in to share the lane. Fine. He starts off a few seconds before me. Then I push off and figure I'll catch him part way. Hubris thy name is Keith. We pushed off together once, and I swam my lungs out trying to keep up. I did the 50 m in about 43 seconds which is the best I've ever done, and he was already turned around and headed back. A few laps later we're both stopped at the same time again, and he doesn't even have the decency to be breathing hard. Later I was watching his stroke trying to learn something. I was chatting with some of the other swimmers after, and we timed him. He was swimming sub-40 second 50 m pace and keeping it up, just cruising along, not even working hard. In my dreams, baby, in my dreams. And yes, he has a fast tumble turn.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

swoosh swoosh

Great swim this am.
500 m warmup
5 x 50 m in 45 - 47 seconds on 1:15 start
250 easy and smooth, thinking shark-like thoughts of preying on all the slow geezers, but figured they would be bad for my health.
5 x 50 m in 50 seconds on 1:15 start, trying to be long and strong
250 m aiming to be about 55 seconds/lap, feeling how fingertips were moving through water.
250 cool down

total 1750 m, plus 15 minutes pool pilates.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Not hurt'n (much) anymore

Ran on the treadmill at the geezer pool this morning. What a place. Yesterday, there I was sitting in the hot tub, when in wanders this woman and sits down. Hair done, and it's hard to tell when I'm not wearing my glasses, but I have the honest belief she was wearing makeup. This morning, in the weight and cardio room, this late middle aged women gets on the eliptical machine next to the treadmill I'm on. She is dressed in slacks, a blouse, sweater, and practical shoes. You'd not have looked at her twice in a mall or on the street. I'm surprised she didn't have a purse in hand. She gets the machine going, then starts primping her hair. Sheesh.

Warmed up on a stair climber for 10 min, then 3 sets of 4 run 2 walk on the treadmill. Not really happy with about it, since it's clear to me that I do not run at a consistent pace. I like to be able to speed up or slow down depending on how I'm feeling and my stride is working.

I did the tele-spin thing tonight. I was looking forward to getting onto the bike, and it went really well.
10 min warm up 85 rpm
10 min further warm up 95 rpm
set of harder gear 1 minute 85, then 1 min at 100 then twice more each in a harder gear then rest a few minutes at 85 in easy gear.
Same set again only over 4 gears, rest at 85 in easy gear till 40 min.
5 x 1 min 100 rpm, 1 min 85, 1 min 110, 1 min 85
set of progressive harder gears at 85 then 100 again for 3 gears, then back down again.
Easy spin at 85 to cool down.
Total 1.25 hours, pedaling all but a few seconds, plus another 10 minutes of stretching afterward. I'm sure I'll get over the novelty of being able to touch my toes again with straight knees. Any month now, I'm sure.

I have to say I'm really pleased with the spin. I was in control and going round and round lots of the time. I could see my cadence pick up when I got it right, or if I kept the cadence the same it seemed like I was putting less effort into the pedals. It would be really interesting to see what my watt output is, and how much it varies during my pedal stroke. I'm feeling really steady at 100 rpm, and the bounce starts about 110 unless I really concentrate on spin and engaging the core muscles.

After an hour on the bike I was beginning to shift around a bit, but neither hands or butt hurt as much as they have in the past. Tonight I could have kept on going, but I'd had a really good session and wanted to finish it feeling good. The muscle soreness is almost all gone now, but we'll see how I feel in the morning.

Fridays, for 9 weeks starting mid Jan, Linda and I are taking Argentine Tango lessons. We've done a bit of this before and it's a lot of fun. Yes, when you really get into it, ballroom dance is a workout. Give me the right song and I'll have you sweating during Cha-cha-cha. And glassblowing!!!! I signed up for a weekend session Jan 12 and 13. Of course I'll post more photos when I'm done. You guessed it, that's a workout too.

Monday, December 3, 2007

still a hurt'n unit

My hams are still sore from the garage cleaning. I was sure happy to get into the pool this morning, thinking that the swim would help work out some of the soreness. It did for a while, but it's creeping back in. Plus, my office is freezing today and my shoulders are now beginning to tighten up. Yuck.

1000 m 18:57, then 10 minutes pool pilates, then a few minutes on the monster jet in the hot tub.

Tonight is yoga, and that should help stretch things out. Or kill me once and for all. Stay tuned.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

light recovery bike spin

The IGP™ called for a 60 min spin session on Friday. I didn't. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday was a 6 hour workout cleaning the garage. This became necessary earlier in the week when it became clear we had aquired some univited guests. We had waaaay to much crap in the garage anyway, so it needed doing, no question. It's just that a day when it's -15 or so wouldn't be my first choice. But it's done, though the 4 bags of fence post cement just about did me in. You can actually walk around the car now!

I even skipped yoga on Saturday evening because I hurt so much. I didn't think the promised "active" session would be a good idea on top of exhausted muscles.

Sunday I was back to a normal stiff and sore and I still had the bike session in mind. I did a few minutes stretching then onto the bike. The plan was a nice easy smooth spin for as long as it felt good. The warmup was slow, gradually building speed to 85 rmp in 10 min. Stayed there for another 15 before I felt comfortable, then spent the next 20 spinning between 85 and 90 rpm in a nice easy gear, concentrating on light feet going around and around. Mostly it felt good, though my arms and hands were still sore. At the 45 min mark my calves and hams gave up and said "enough!" in terms that couldn't be ignored, so I did about 15 min yoga stretching them out and doing a bit of massage. I'm pretty pleased, mainly because my legs feel better, and I pedaled for 45 min straight without stopping or even feeling particularly uncomfortable. I think the clicking or popping noise that was bugging me earlier in the week is my shoe. I think. That noise only sort of appeared a few times.

Weekly totals
S 2.16 hrs
B 1.25 hrs
R 1.25 hrs
Total, 4.66 hours, not counting Monday Yoga, and not counting 6 hours garage workout. If it was warmer I'd certainly have worked up a sweat, and I'm fairly sure heart rate was edging into training zone.