Thursday, January 5, 2017

We are 11,688

But it doesn't seem like it. The time goes by so quickly. (Mercifully so, mutter some of the guys in the peanut gallery.)

32 years ago us, family and some friends (but no best man) gathered in our house with a justice of the peace, and we fastened the shackles I mean tied the knot. It turns out the so called best man forgot, and was busy working on a car at his brother's place, which just happened to be just down the road at the time. Shortly after I realized how fortunate we had been. It wasn't uncommon for him to visit his brother then drop in. I can see it now, me seeing his car, telling everyone to get ready, and he comes in wearing a T shirt with grease stains...

Fortunately one of my friends stepped in and did the honours, and it all went off well. The guests strolled outside on the steaming sidewalks during a heavy duty chinook. We had some wine, some munchies, and everybody went away happy. I think it was less than $500 all up.

Do I have any advice? Should have asked that during the AMA. Did you miss it yesterday?

As it happens, I do, short and pithy. Guys, 5 words. Yes dear, then do it.

Gals, well, I've no idea. Be gentle, I guess, us men are poor fragile creatures. Some of us don't know we needed the BDD. (Bonk, Drag, Domesticate.)

Couples, scrap the expensive wedding. Weddings are easy, not worth celebrating. Say I do, sign the paperwork, and get on with the hard work. Celebrate your anniversaries. Sticking together in the face of enemy action from your kids, if any, the temptations of the internet, and the sheer wear and tear of daily life is well worth celebrating.

I finally got around to scoping out a location I've had in mind for a while, and I'm pretty pleased. I'll have to come back on the equinox.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Linda! I had wanted a simple down the aisle followed by some finger foods at a bar, but my mother took over and said we MUST the big, silly reception that was no fun for anyone. I told her if she wanted it, she could pay for it...and she did. It would have been much better to put that money toward a house, or even a destination honeymoon.

  2. Happy Anniversary! We had a very inexpensive wedding, it's one day vs years of your life. Starting out with an enormous debt is not a great idea given all the other arguments you have to make time for :) Celebrate the milestones, replace the keys to the shackles, enjoy yourself.


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