Monday, January 16, 2017

You get to choose!

This is how much snow we have now. I'm going to take this same photo every morning for the next week or so, and see how it changes day by day.

This is really one photo, edited slightly different ways. It was on Neil Zeller's workshop page and was the subject of some great discussion. I'm curious, which do you prefer, and why? You might wish to open each in a larger window. Vote in comments, or respond to the Facebook post or the tweet.

This is the second version of it, after a bit of tweaking.


  1. I like the second one. My eye prefers the bridge more centred and the background is more interesting (to me) than the foreground.

  2. We had that much snow but it's mostly gone now. No doubt, we'll get more before long.

    I much prefer the second image. All that white snow in the first one seems pointless. Negative space can be good but only when it serves a purpose. The hills in the second image are far more interesting.

  3. When I first viewed the big pics I couldn't decide. Tonight I like the second one.

  4. And the winner to my eye is the second one. The implied triangle formed by the skyline and the tracks is more obvious, which is complemented by the triangles in the bridge structure.


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