Novel Snippets (Old and New)

This is mainly put here to make it easy for people to find snippets of the novel I've been working on. What's been on my blog so far has been pretty raw. What's here has been cleaned up a bit.

The first one I was working on was unimaginatively titled, The Plant Novel. It was mostly set in a plant I worked in once upon a time. This is the very beginning.

Snippet 1. The original chunk I wrote to start the whole thing. Everything else has grown from this. The bone is found. 645 words.

Snippet 2. Introduces major character Dwen, and minor characters Stu and Mitch. The cops arrive on scene. 736 words.

The Sweet Elixer was my NaNoWriMo novel for 2013. It was validated as having more than 50 K words, which is the only criteria. In fact I sent in almost 60 K words, and as of writing this, it's just over 83K words. I posted a couple snippets on the blog, and here they are.

These snippets are now in novel order, which is different than the order I published them. In some you have to scroll down a bit to find the start of the snippet.

Snippet 1 This is the opening scene of the book, where 4 of the friends are finishing Chinook half ironman.

Snippet 2 This still in the opening act of the book, Ed has a heart attack after the race, and the doctor presents some of his options.

Snippet 3 This is just a little later in the book, as the characters react to to a tooth treatment.

Snipped 4 This is part way through the book, with some of the characters in Kona to support and cheer for Ronnie. She heads out for an easy training ride.

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