Thursday, December 29, 2016

This time of year

It's best for things like this.

That was my post run snack the other day. Pheasant, dressing, cheese, special mustard relish. So yummy! It might have been after the run I came back like this.

Of course I napped after. There was a nice run today, 6K, 41:30 or so, though it wasn't anywhere near so cold.

Just for fun, a few cat pictures snapped on the fly, some of them in between naps.

So that's all caught up on iPhone pictures. More wildlife though, this little guy was caught during the photo ramble. I've no idea what kind of bird it is.

Today and yesterday I've been a bit of a slacker pants, which is what this time of the year is all about. Browsing TV shows to replay favourite bits. Re-reading bits of own writing for characterization hints. Developing photos. Blogging is the big activity of the day. I'm so good to you guys.

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  1. Great upside down pic of Curtis. The bird is a pineal grosbeak we think.


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