Friday, December 2, 2016

The Elvis Platter, check!

There is a local restaurant called Big T's. They do BBQ and do it very well. One of their signature dishes is called the Elvis platter. It's a huge heap of their various meats. It's delicious. I've always wanted to be part of a group that ordered it, and assumed it would be with a pack of hungry triathletes.  I ran 8K today, so I feel no guilt in participating. Plus I'm swimming tomorrow, hoping to keep up with mini-shark.

A party of six adults ate the whole thing, except for a bit of chicken, some fries and a few dry ribs. Burp! If you see me on Facebook you'll know who we shared the meal with.

I regretted not bringing the good camera. The chinook winds brought some wonderful late afternoon shots, and I'll I had was the iPhone.

To console you, here's a flower shot from a bouquet I picked up along the way last week.

I played with this shot lots, trying to find the right level of settings to fully express the soft folds of the petal in the shades of gentle white. Lightroom kept trying to make it Cervelo yellow. This photo is almost too sharp and clear.

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