Sunday, December 4, 2016

Snow. At last

Autumn is Calgary's best season by far, and this has been an amazing one. Here it is, early December and we're getting the first real snowstorm of the winter. The weather people say up to 10 cm, and we've got a couple of that already. Everything so far has been minor little flurries that melt quickly.

Technically I should run today. Or spin. I might yet, it's only early afternoon as I write this. What I really want to do is settle in with a cup of that nice Moroccan mint tea and watch Fargo Season 2. Last night it was a remastered Blu-Ray copy of Casablanca with a ton of extras. Love it!

The cats have the right idea for today, even though Curtis popped his head up just as I took the photo. Celina is a hard snoozer some days, not waking up for anything.

Here's another kind of orange to warm your heart on a cold snowy day.

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