Monday, December 26, 2016

See? Cooperative. And indolence.

We are having a wonderful Christmas season, and hope you are too. It's so nice to not be buried in Christmas frantic. Today was indolent. It started with me making coffee and thinking the sky had potential. It ended up ok, then the camera battery died and I decided I was cold enough, and the coffee from home was calling.

My swim buddy texted and proposed a swim, a bit to my surprise. It was quiet and I ended up with a very happy 1 K in 18:04, even though I was feeling a little short of lung power, and my stroke fell apart for about 100 m in the middle there. More people were arriving as we left.

Linda was home from her Boxing Day rampage with loot, and we all settled in for a nice cup of herbal tea in the sunshine to have a lovely conversation. To me this is what having time away from the demands of work is all about. Then there was major league indolence. I've emerged only to write this blog. The things I do for my readers.

As promised, here's another of Curtis, so patient with me getting right up into his face. Do these eyes make you search your soul to see what guilt you are concealing from the cats of the world? There is one even closer, believe it or not. Celina is being difficult lately, twitching just as I hit the shutter button.

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