Saturday, December 24, 2016

A YYC white Christmas

It's been snowing hard here for about 24 hours now. I just measured not quite 7 inches of snow on the back steps. Light and fluffy, but still lots of shovelling. Twice yesterday, the first time today was about 5:30 so I could go swimming with buddies, then again when I got home. Repsol was quiet, the 3 of us had a pool to ourselves, which was perfect for my buddy that's new to the water, and still gaining confidence that she will float.

I was out for some photos around the house, and here you go. That will have to hold you. Maybe I'll blog on Christmas, and maybe I won't.

Our sculpture always looks so pretty with snow on it. Pity about the plastic chair.

Maybe tomorrow we'll light a fire in the lodge and escape the cats and drink wine and read and relax all day long.

That bit of red in the background is a skateboard park. Not much used today.

Stands for the baseball diamond. Not full of fans.

Home sweet home, all warm and snuggly in the snow.

A closer look at the whatever this is called.

The back alley. I like the willow tree peeking out from the evergreen.


  1. I'm going to guess a pergola. Merry Christmas!

  2. Pretty pretty!! Thx for the tips at the pool, I clearly have a ways to go, today was an eye opener for me.


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