Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cold sun

I was out for a walk with buddies in Fish Creek on Monday. Out of 179 shots, I developed 20, much to my surprise.

One of the fun things about cold weather shoots is sun dogs.

All the standing water is frozen now. There is a bit of a swamp in there, the one where I got that deer photo, and they shovel it off for skating. I hadn't known that. At first I tried it as black and white, but then realized the sun was putting some subtle colour in there. Look for some purples, greens, blues, and a bit of red. Maybe it's only on the hi res files. Hmmm.

There was a nearly full circle sun dog today, and me without a camera. All my iPhone gave me was a white blur in the middle of the screen. If it happens again tomorrow, I'll try the real camera.

Facebook people may have already seen this morning's sunrise. -20 C, with -32 windchill. Brrr.

No standing around waiting. I saw the light coming, bundled up, fired off a few dozen shots, and was back inside pronto.

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