Saturday, October 1, 2016

Shooting the moon

When you're playing Hearts, it's a fun strategy sometimes, to try to collect all the hearts.

Or to try something nearly impossible.

The funny thing is, the impossible sometimes becomes easy, depending on the equipment or training involved.

When the moon is in an iPhone shot, it's a dot. Once I got the good camera I tried taking pictures of the moon, but that didn't go so well. The last serious attempt was to shoot the Harvest moon as it rose over Calgary. The best I could get was a white disk with no detail at all no matter what settings I used. I suspect it's possible with that lens, but lots of work and it still won't be that big or detailed.

Then I got the 70-200 mm lens. A couple days after full moon I was out in the front patio in the evening. I got this shot hand-held, manual focus, leaning the camera against the lattice. Of course, the moon by itself is boring, but this is a first. Now I can plan a dramatic moonrise or moonset shot. Stay tuned.

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