Saturday, October 8, 2016

What's happening?

I think this little guy's expression says it all.

Yes, it's snowing here, on and off. The off is freezing drizzle. Plus foggy and damp cold. Glad I don't have to run today.

In fact, I think I'm done with running for a bit, now that I've officially bailed on my marathon plans for now. I had a half hour spin session yesterday that went much better than expected. Sunday I'll put on the heart rate monitor and figure out where my bike fitness is. The little bit I did indicates it's pretty good, which it ought to be after all that running over the summer.

There were a couple short runs over the last week, nothing special. A couple swims as well, ranging from ok, to pretty good. Plus easy 10 K last weekend down in weaselhead.

The theory was that we would have a couple cold days, possibility of snow, then the long weekend was supposed to be nice. So we covered up the plants as best we could, thinking we would get a last weekend with colour, the Cana Lily would get to bloom, and we could get the garden and yard put to bed for winter. Then the weather went to crap. Sigh.

I was out for a photo session with the plants. Some are ok, but I think they're just hanging in. I didn't peek at the Cana Lily.

It's a good excuse for being indoors today, cuddling cats, when they don't want to curl up with each other.

Linda made a lovely lamb stew yesterday, and it's made an awesome lunch today. Perfect for a cold wet day. Plus buns, and wine, and pumpkin pie for dessert.

Hope your long weekend is going as well as ours!


  1. And I was complaining to my husband that my hands got cold on my run yesterday; it was not even below 50 degrees F. I am a weak person! Seriously, how do you cope with snow at the beginning of October knowing that it will most likely be snowing for the next 6 months?

  2. Finally, the cats. I'm loving your photos, Keith, don't get me wrong...but I have been missing Curtis and Celina and was about to make a suggestion for a 'cat day' on the blog. But here they are - yay!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Linda :)


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