Monday, October 24, 2016

The clouds didn't cooperate

Shooting downtown skyline from the south at sunrise. There was great colour in the sky off to the east and I was hoping it would light up the sky above downtown. Alas.

I'd never really noticed the roof and lighting of this condo building. The semi-circle roof thingies (I'm too lazy to look up the correct architectural term) look like they should have a clock in them, and I was thinking of that old Harold Lloyd movie, where he is hanging off the clock face. You've seen the image. The sky is an ugly colour and I couldn't do much about it, but the buildings are nice.

One of my favourite buildings in the city. It's entirely possible I've spent more time inside it than any other building in the city other than my home.

I had hoped the pre sunrise rose glow way up high would deign to descend, but no.

Off towards the east there was a fairly nice sunrise going, but this is all the pink I could get over the city, and I had to push the image a little to get even that.

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  1. I love the colour of the sky in that first shot, Keith!


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