Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Froze my feet, and for what?

I found a nice spot for shooting the mountains. The plan was to see them all lit up in sunrise, capture the photos, then have breakfast with my buddy. Some days it just doesn't work out. For a while I had hopes of a brilliant clouds sunrise, but no. Mild pastels at the best. Kind of hazy.

There I am, hard at work. These two shots below are about the best from this morning. I'll work on the others just for the practice, but I don't think I'm going to get anything spectacular. Another time perhaps. Maybe I'll experiment a little. No, I don't know what was producing all the steam. It might be a portable asphalt plant; there's a lot of road construction and paving going on in the area.

The light wasn't getting any better, breakfast was calling, my feet were freezing in spite of wool socks, and the construction crew was starting to drive equipment suggestively around my car, even though one of the guys said I'd be ok parked there. Pack and zoom, try another time. Note to self, break out the winter boots already.

Breakfast after was really good. I haven't seen my buddy in a few months, and it was good to get caught up. He's retired now, and for a while we were listening in on the next table. There were 5 or 6 long retired guys there, chatting. We were speculating on that being us in a few decades. Neither of us can see being those guys that get together every morning, but we are are going to try for every month or so. It's important to keep up your social life in retirement. :-)

Ran 5 K, 34 minutes. Hams were slow to get with the program. They are paving the pedestrian bridge over Anderson, so that should be open soon. Can't wait to run across it and check out the potential for sunrise and sunset shots.

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