Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A walk in Fish Creek

Last night I attended a camera launch event. This is a first for me. How cool is that to be doing something for the first time at my age? Part of the evening was to mill around, chat to a Canon rep, and hold some very, very expensive cameras and lenses. I'm suspecting he had brought along equipment worth more than $100K. Anything I picked up I held very carefully. The 6D felt very nice in my hands. Just saying.

Part of the evening was a presentation by a rep from The Camera Store extolling the many virtues of the Canon 5D MkIV. It seems to be a very nice camera, best one ever produced by Canon, if you believe what they say. I happen to know it retails for $4700. Not going to be picking one up any time soon. That kind of money is going into a computer upgrade soon.

The last part of the evening was by Tod Korol. It was a bit of a surprise to me that he wasn't trying to sell the camera. He liked it, and displayed some amazing photos he'd taken with it, but his bigger point was that it was the photographer, not the camera that produced great pictures. Still, the colour he was getting out of the camera was stunning.

I was feeling a bit itchy and decided to wander around to see what colour I could find today. I haven't played with the colour on these, just cropped and tweaked exposure.

These guys are tiny, and I'd never really noticed them before, living in the flower boxes for the lodge.

Loved the mossy greens.

The light kept changing on me, making this one a bit tricky. Still not entirely happy with it, but the swirls of the wood reminded me of an ear.

Is it a bridge to nowhere?

This is as red as it got.

And as blue as it got.

Scoped out what might be a nice spot for sunrise shots tomorrow, if the clouds cooperate.

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