Tuesday, January 8, 2019

What time is it? What day???

Normally we know these things, but I woke up this morning wondering. My phone thinks it’s a time, but that was several time zones ago. My laptop thinks it’s a different time, and that doesn’t happen often.

I’m in a small dim room with 24 other people, only 3 of whom I know. This room is as close to the middle of nowhere as I’ve ever been. Time really is sort of irrelevant just now. The screen on the wall says 4.5 hours till we’re somewhere.

Most of the other people are still asleep, but I’ve managed to snag a coffee. The staff are really good here. Last ‘night’ there was a really good meal, complete with champagne to start, then a nice red wine. I think breakfast will show up soon. I hope. Ah, 15 minutes, they say. Good. I’m hungry.

I’m told the full scope of departure treachery has not sunk in for the cats. The reliable humans have shown up to attend to their needs, though unfortunately for the cats, not their desires.

There are many movies to be seen, and the music offerings are extensive. I got some music going, and ended up getting some writing done. I also did some sitting and staring blankly at the wall. That was about the time I was asked if I was ready for coffee or tea.

Breakfast was good. All the arrival rituals went well. Life is good. This is my view.

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  1. Yay! You made it. Now, I just need to figure out exactly where. A small, dim room? How mysterious! Look at those lovely flowers. sigh. Look forward to reading more about your adventures.


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