Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A mostly frozen creek

From a walk late in the year near Fish Creek bridge 8. I really enjoy getting out for a walk, looking for photos. All these are with the big zoom lens. It's often a surprise to see what shows up, since the lens and camera can see far more detail than our eyes.

I was entranced by the shadows, the shapes of the snow on ice, and the colour of the water with light and reflections. The ever so slight skiffs of ice on the water add a little texture.

Converted this one to black and white. As I look at it more, I'm wishing I'd composed it without that little diagonal bit of snowy river bank in the corner, thought I suppose it's balanced somewhat by the opposite corner.

Yes, I'm still thinking about 2018 image of the year. I've cut the list of 23 down to 6. Mulling criteria.

AMA, Ask Me Anything is still open, though perhaps not for much longer. There hasn't been any interest in it this year, so perhaps people think I'm all interested out. That might change after I invent some questions, attribute them creatively, and answer in the middle of a jet-lagged flight of deranged fantasy.

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