Friday, January 18, 2019

Giant semi-mutant lilies, and stuff

We were off to a local farmer's market in the morning. Part of it was under cover in the walkway of a railway station. Part of it was in the parking lot. One of the live music acts was under a tent, the other was out in the rain.

Digression 1: It was raining, but most people didn't seem to mind. This is another place where it rains warm. It takes some getting used to.

Digression 2: In the getting used to department, I'm still sometimes turning on the windshield wipers when I'm trying to signal a turn.

The quality on offer was excellent, but I think you have to get there early to get the best selection. We didn't think we were particularly late, but they were beginning to pack up when we got there.

From there we strolled around town a bit, admiring the stone buildings, and dropping in on a few stores. The book stores are amazing! Pity that anything I buy I have to carry around for a long time.  Plus, mostly if we are not out and about, we're eating, or sleeping, or I'm editing photos and writing my blog. That doesn't leave much time for reading.

We've got tickets booked for a scenic tour tomorrow (Sunday, if you're keeping track.) High tea in a castle on Monday. Then a travel day, then we've got two watery tours booked. Generally we've avoided doing tours, but sometimes one simply must. I'll rant a bit about tours when I talk about what we did after the museum.

So, the backlog. Right now there are 173 photos edited that have not been blogged. That's not counting a big pile (several hundred) not yet edited from yesterday after the steam punk museum.

One of my gardening photography rules for the trip was that I wasn't going to shoot anything that can grow in Calgary. Well, poop. So much for that. Lilies, for example. They are HUGE here! Seriously, taller than me, bigger than my head huge! So how can I not?

Attn Susi!

Back to editing...

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