Friday, January 25, 2019

Ok, it didn't rain

And for a place that gets about 8 m of rain a year, that's a win. One of the shots I've been looking for is mist giving that nice layered look on a series of mountains. Like this.

Or this one.

Or that mist rolling over the mountains sequence in Arrival.

Lots of the images today are a misty look, which I think makes the mountains more interesting. Oh, and there's just a waterfall or a dozen.

Plus, of course, Linda checking it all out.

Plus a panorama that might be image of the month, but I have to go back and tweak the individual images a bit more. Once you zoom in you can see where the horizon wasn't quite level and the panorama shows the jagged edge. It's about a 100 MB image, so my poor laptop is chugging.

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