Saturday, January 12, 2019

Day 5, 58.3K, crowds, more flowers

First actual farmer's market today, even though we took the scenic route getting there it was worth it. I could have cheerfully eaten anything on offer. It's much smaller than the Calgary Market we like, but great vibe, live music, and amazing food! We got there early and it got steadily more crowded as the morning went on.

Lots more action in the building behind the white and blue tents. We even got some fresh New Zealand lamb to try. We told the guy about our experience with the frozen vacuum packed exported stuff, and he was horrified. "Who would eat that?" he asked. So we're curious about it, but won't get a chance to give him feedback.

Then dropping the stuff off (food for 3 days, which is when we get on an airplane again) and another ferry ride across the harbour. This is a small tourist oriented place, lots of places to eat, a nice stroll, and lots of people! We visited what claims to be the oldest movie theatre in the southern hemisphere. More good food for lunch, though not quite as good as the fish and chip the other day. All in all, the eating experience is living up to our expectations, and it isn't even particularly more expensive than similar at home.

What with all the going on about eating, rest assured we're working it off. By the end of day 5, my phone tells me we've walked 58.3 K. Some of it on steep hills. Much of it carrying my camera, two water bottles, and often groceries. So far no mementos.

Lots of flowers not yet blogged thought.

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