Wednesday, January 23, 2019

We danced with the dolphins

The high point of the day was this.

But it started much earlier than that. I couldn't sleep, and when I saw stars I headed outside with the camera and tripod. I didn't know of anywhere to go, and I could see clouds rolling in again. I set u in the shadow of the house and pointed at the darkest part of the sky. Darn that pesky full moon!

On the way to the dolphins we stopped and admired the reflections.

Near the end of the trip, on the way back in to dock. The iconic view of the sound complete with glacier and a rainforest. There are many more photos. No idea when I'll get to edit them.

It's been a long day. Now I'm going to snooze with the seals. I'm even further behind now, and expect to be even further behind tomorrow, after the re-sounding.

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