Saturday, January 19, 2019

The beach had some rocks. -ironic understatement!-

After the steampunk museum and wandering around in that area, we went back down the coast a little to stop at one of the most famous beaches in the photography world.

Contrary to what you might think, the beach is not empty. There were 3 tour buses of people on the beach when we arrived. Fortunately they all disappeared while I wandered around thinking about composition, and light.

That's why we don't typically do tours. I'd hate to be someplace, wanting to be somewhere else, and even worse, wanting to stay while the tour bus operator wants to leave without me.

The light was kind of flat, but some Lightroom magic brought some contrast to the clouds. We planned for low tide, but that's a bit too low. The rocks want a bit of water around them for photos. Getting there mid to low tide would be better, and the best time is at sunrise. One does the best one can. Lots more coming!

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