Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Unlike our previous hell-rides

Once upon a time we used to stuff the little car full of camping gear and SCA stuff, and drive off for the weekend. Long drives. Like to the coast a few times a year. Seattle, Portland, and even further south happened a bunch of times. We got in the car and went, and went, and went.

Linda never liked it, and I did it because I had places I'd promised to be. There was more than a few times starting time at work came awfully soon after getting home.

I can't do it anymore. Even in a car where I can stretch my legs out, about 3 hours is the max now. So yesterday we took the scenic route around the south end of New Zealand, but we stopped several times along the way. Once was for this pretty waterfall. Both shots in dim light, one to freeze the water, one to turn it to milk. You decide which is which.

Linda has had enough of me scrambling over rocks, but pleased neither me or equipment got wet from falling in. Wet from the rain, yes.

I'm liking the pattern these ferns make.

Along the way we stopped to look at this beach. Somehow we were not surprised at the complete lack of bikini clad cuties frolicking in the surf. Therefore we carried on.

Some of you may recognize this bird, and know where we are now.

I woke up in the night and saw stars. The sky isn't particularly dark what with a full moon over there, and dawn coming soon, or light from the town. I hunkered down in the shadow of the house and shot toward the darkest part of the sky. Location scouting tomorrow. I mean later today...

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