Thursday, January 31, 2019

We arrived 48 hours ago, and

I'm 800 photos further behind. That's from the balcony view, another set of botanical gardens, and a train ride. I've only just started editing. Here's a few, to whet your interest.

From the Christchurch botanical gardens. As always, don't ask me what they are, except I know these are a rose, a dahlia, a rose, a pair of roses, and a sunflower.

The bees are huge here! I was trying to get either this little guy's bum (to indulge Susi's fetish), or or face, (to indulge mine), and what do I get? A pollen covered takeoff.

The iconic train shot everybody tries to get. This is the Christchurch to Greymouth and back train ride, up and over the alps. It's pretty gorgeous. There's a few stories to tell about that, stay tuned.

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