Friday, January 11, 2019

Sculptures in Tourist town

After the ferry and bus we wandered through the town with the best fish and chip in the world. It was swarming with tourists, just like us. There is a sculpture contest happening, but there are so many people, and they are badly places so it's difficult to get nice photos of them. But for my readers, I tried. Titles where I can remember.

For those that haven't clued in where we are, here is the skyline view from the ferry. Sorry, but I still think that tower is butt ugly.

Rat Girl. Not sure if this is from Neverwhere.

The penguin selfies are cute, but I tried to get me in their photo, but that mirror was beyond filthy, and you nearly have to stand in the street to do it.

The cubes are fun.

Linda was much taken with the rhino.

This was cool!

I was thinking of this woman's scarf as a kinetic sculpture, flying in the stiff breeze.


  1. The last photo is fascinating. He looks like he's freezing, while she looks super warm. Which was it?

    1. We thought it was warm, +20 C or so, but the wind was strong enough you had to stand up carefully. Several people went in or put on heavy jackets, the weenies.


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