Friday, January 11, 2019

More beach and a trendy stroll

More beach from yesterday. Linda enjoying the view. There weren't that many people on the beach, to our surprise. The water is warm and clean, with people taking periodic dips. I don't know if they clean the sand of seaweed, but there wasn't any. I can see why people take the ferry and the bus to get here.

Reflections are always cool.

We've seen several of these contraptions. At first I thought it was a individual jerry-rigged thing, but no, it's an updated version of the harbour tour vessels in Halifax that were recycled from the Vietnam war. There are several companies that provide tours.

In fact, tour is THE word here. Everybody wants to take you on a tour. From what we can tell, you can get to the same place and wander around to your heart's content without someone yammering in your ear, at a fraction of the price.

Linda, arriving on the clothing optional beach.

Yesterday was a big day, my phone telling me we walked 14.5 K in the hot humidity. That was a bit much in the sun here. I have a pink patch on the top of each foot but otherwise doing fine. Linda has some pink on her head and shoulders.

We took it easier today, strolling a hip trendy district not far from here. I loved that many of the stores have promenade for shade. We weren't interested in buying anything, since we'd have to lug it around for the rest of our trip. If you think of this as the cool parts of Inglewood and Kensington and whatever the nice parts of 17th Ave is called, plus lots more of it, better and more interesting, you'd be getting the idea. Multicultural places to eat, music, interesting stuff to look at. We didn't get much off the beaten path, but you could spend days poking in and out. Having a faithful native guide would be good.

That one book store was amazing! It was like that one that used to be 18th ave and 14 St SW (not Fair's Fair, way before then) only better. I saw several books I wanted to buy, but was remembering the carry it around thing. We're back here for our flight out, so we'll probably scoot down here again.

There was a really good magazine store, sort of like the one that used to be just down from Megatunes. Again, there were several I wanted to pick up. We'll probably visit there just before we go home.

In some ways it reminded me of a time before stores went corporate. Even the KFC didn't look corporate. Lots of independent store fronts and individuality. It's nice. This is some of the views from the Ponsonby district.

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