Thursday, January 17, 2019

More gardens, a bazillion albatrosses, 2 Susi shots

We went out the peninsula today. It started cloudy with a hint of heavy mist, cleared into a nice day, then abruptly mist/clouded over.

So the gardens first. Many of them will join the backlog and you'll see them later.

At the end of the peninsula there is an albatross conservation project. There's roughly a bazillion birds there. They are loud birds, and rude. Our rental car was pooped on. Here's the two albatross shots I liked best.

This is the other albatross shot I've kept so far. It's for Susi.

Here's the other one for Susi. Can you guess what they have in common?

To play you out with a nicer view.

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  1. Lips, bums (nice ones at that), and a view to celebrate. The textures in 3 are also worth celebrating. Cheers, Sean


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