Wednesday, January 16, 2019

We made it

Another travel day, with a 2 hour flight south (now at 45.8 S, 170.5 E) plus a 30 min drive, on the left, btw. In a small but busy city. Trying to navigate by Google or Siri, or something. You know the hardest thing? Signaling turns. I've turned the windshield wipers on every single time. Grrr.

But here we are. Some scenes.
No, we aren't in France.

Or anywhere in China.

We didn't arrive by train, but this is part of the waiting room for the train station.

More train station. (There is a lot of train station, and I'll get more shots of it when we actually use it. If it isn't swarming with a million tourists.)

The outside of where we are living for the next week. We are on the top floor, right above what appears to be the major entrance, but isn't. The building is somewhat under renovation from being some kind of an old industrial building, a warehouse I think, to swanky lofts. Our's is really swanky, and we are loving it.

 Here's more of the backlog. Linda on a ferry.

 More random beach scenes.

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