Tuesday, January 1, 2019

December Image of the Month

It was a big month for photography! Part of it was a learning curve for the new Sigma 14 mm f1.8 lens. Until a couple days ago, almost all the edited images were shot with that lens. So much fun!

Just under 3000 photos, although just 136 edited as single images. The star shots that were assembled into a movie are edited, but I don't count them for this.

My choices. For those that hang around till I finish dithering, some of those are on my short list for image of the year.

Second runner up
This is the first image from the new lens that made me go wow once I edited it to bring up the colour and reflections in the water. I could barely see them with my eyes.

First runner up
I haven't done any astro photos since my Yukon trip, and it's one of the reasons I bought this lens. There was a clear evening so I tried to get away from the light pollution, and didn't quite succeed. This was captured west of Bragg Creek, near the Maclean creek campground, looking west, and there's still light in the sky. Beats me where from. I'm really pleased how the Milky Way showed up for a first attempt, and know how to do better next time. The view with my eyes was stunning.

And the Image of the month!
This was shot during an evening workshop with the famous Neil Zeller. He and several other people were under the bridge, but scrambling down over the rocks didn't appeal to me. I wandered around and got some ok shots, and chatted with people. Then I noticed a nice flat spot upriver a bit, only part way down the bank. A few test shots, then this.

So what's coming for photos in 2019? Lots of travel photos. I've got two big trips and one small one booked. I'm pretty sure I could generate a year's worth of blog photos from either of the big trips. I've got a list of things that need macro photos. More star shots! Plus Curtis and Celina, of course, the real stars of the blog. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens, and I hope you, as one of my small but loyal band of readers, continue to follow along. Keep those cards and letters coming!

Don't forget AMA!

So here it is a new year. The sunrise is potential as I write this. Maybe. It's dull pastel grey now. I've got my camera and boots near the front door, ready to dash if I see a hint of colour. Let's see what happens...


  1. Happy New Year. Yes your image of the month is a fine shot. The shots that interest me more are 1,4, 9, and to a lesser extent 6. All the other shots are very good and could have been done by others. The 3 shots on my list tell me something about your unique vision. As always, I look forward to your ongoing journey, and those times we cross paths. Cheers, Sean

  2. I gotta say I still like the 2nd runner up but they're all great shots. Have been racking my brain for a really good question for you but nothing so far so feel free to make one up for me. :-) Where are you off to anyway? Having any qualms about the environmental impact of air travel these days? We sure are. I suppose we could purchase credits but it just doesn't seem like enough somehow. Anyway, I'll look forward to seeing what your images from the trips.


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