Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A few galaxies

So there I was, high on a bluff between Queenstown and Glenorchy, about midnight. It's windy enough to keep the bugs down, but not so windy as to move the tripod. Light jacket cool. And clear!! Holy doodle clear! So I took a photo or two. When I get home I'll do some work to assemble them into a time lapse. There could be several time lapses, actually.

No stand out shot like the beach one the other night, but I like these. If I'd moved the tripod about a foot to the right I'd have the milky way coming up between those shrubs, except there's a big rock there. Am I complaining? NO!!

I even dug out the 70-200. It's harder than I thought to get zeroed in. I'm pretty sure this is the Greater Magellanic cloud.

Looking the other direction we see a familiar sight first at 14 mm to give you some context, then 200 mm.

I was surprised by all the streaks in the various images. I'm pretty sure most are satellites, but one I think was a meteor. It was short and there was a hint of green, nothing in before and after images. There was one really bright light I saw with my eyes, but I haven't found that in the camera images yet.

Unless I want to drive several hours, I think that's it for really dark skies for this trip. There might be other dramatic sky photos, we'll see.

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