Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The unblogged Linda extravaganza

I suddenly realized as I was about to blog that I was way, way, WAY behind on the photos of Linda, which is really only why people come here I'm sure. Well, that and cat photos. As an aside I got sent a photo of Curtis looking so sad it nearly broke my heart.

So all of these are obviously Linda. Here she is:
-getting some Maori culture

-indulging in Mad Max-iod fantasies of gunning down her enemies as a straight forward action, to lure the rest of them into thinking she is done with convoluted plans.

-scoping out her secret escape rocket from the secret lair from which she rules

-running for a deal on gear (you may have seen this on Instagram)

-sitting peaceably

-considering trying the full sized rat wheel as a source of power, putting her conquered subjects to work

-wondering if it would scale up, and if so, how much would it cost to feed (there is a rule about this )

-posing with a model of the secret underwater munitions delivery system

-proving she's not late

-wondering if she wants to do the loop once or twice

-looking at the chocolate treat place next door

-overlooking her domain (the view from here is spectacular)

There, you might think you're caught up, and it's almost true. There are more of her still in the camera. This glass of wine is tasty, and I'm going to have a big photo day tomorrow.

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