Friday, January 11, 2019

Beach! Who cares what time it is?

Linda sprinted for the clothing optional beach. We hung out there for hours, not caring what time it was. It was lovely. The sound of the surf was perfect. We were in the shade, and just as well. The top of my feet are a little pink, but nothing else so far. Linda, not so much.

But that isn't how we started. There was a short walk to a train. Then a short walk to a ferry. Then a short walk to a bus. Wandering around a tourist town (sculpture photos later), eating the best fish and chip of my life (and that includes in Lunenburg!) with a walk on a beach. Then a bus ride to a better beach. Way better. Probably just as well the wineries were closed when we were done with the beach.


On the way to the clothing optional beach.

The main beach one way.

The other way. We met some Canadians down at the far end. There will be photos from down there too.

This was a long day, got home at sunset. (there will be photos of that too.) Wine, sushi, bed soon.

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  1. Sigh. Looks gorgeous! Better than Lunenburg, you say? I'm sure we can top them when you next come to NS.


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