Thursday, January 3, 2019

A blue reflection quickie for you

I was out in Fish Creek looking for images New Year's day. The win was not getting my feet wet in spite of playing balance'em on wet icy slippery muddy rocks. The light was interesting for a while and I captured some images that I thought would be good.

The downside of the walk was the police helicopter doing orbits over the part of the park I was walking in. I'm pretty sure they weren't watching to be ready to rescue me if I fell through the ice. I suspect it was a training flight, but what it really was, was annoying as hell. Around and around and around. It completely destroyed any sense of tranquility from the walk.

Coming back to the car I saw this, and was sort of enchanted. The car is cleaner now.

I'd been up on the hill hoping for the sunset, but no deal. That happens a lot. But I liked the reflection and curves in the car.

Once I got home and looked at the other photos, I was disappointed. Nothing obviously wrong with them, but they're kind of plain and boring. Clearly my photo eye wasn't on the ball.

So, AMA, I have one person suggesting I make something up for her. You fool!! (said in a loving way.) I'm about to start a casino shift for our community association, and will be up late late late. Who knows, maybe my brain will fall back into night shift work thoughts. That could be bad.

You can avoid this potential fate, and send in your questions.

I have officially finished dithering on Image of the Year. Sort of. I've got it written, I want to sleep on it once more, and I'll publish Friday morning.

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