Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Should have removed my hat

One of the few photos of both of us. We relied on the kindness of strangers that were not intimidated by the camera. It was only after that I realized I should have removed my hat. Tell me straight, just how dorky do I look in it?

One of Linda to refresh your visual palette. Or something. Linda has many fans. Both of these were at Larnach Castle.

In other news I have not taken a photo since leaving New Zealand. It's the longest I've been without a camera in my hands since, well, I bought one. What with editing existing photos, work, trying to stay caught up on sleep, trying to teach my left arm to swim again, taking more photos has been pushed further back in line.

That whole swim thing. I was doing really well before I left. Two months out of the pool, carrying heavy camera equipment, lots of walking, and my swim is essentially non existent. My left arm sort of goes around, but there is no pull. I was in the dive tank a bit today, trying to stretch it and get it used to working again, with inconclusive results. I'm afraid to try to time myself.

Don't even ask about running, or biking. Not even close.

In fact, I'm beginning to think seriously the time has come to sell all my triathlon equipment. Yes, including my beloved Estela. If I'm not going to be riding her anymore, and it's looking less likely all the time, I should find a good home for her. We already have enough stuff gathering dust. So if you're about 6 feet tall or so, looking for a carbon fibre road bike and lots of associated accessories, like a wetsuit, get in touch with me.

And for all the people that doubt me when I saw we had a beautiful sunny day for our Milford Sound tour, here's proof.

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