Saturday, March 30, 2019

It's wine season again

It started late this year, since I couldn't go up to Red Deer to pick up the kits while in New Zealand. Normally I go up once the first several kits arrive, and take the camera with me on a scenic route. There's lots of scenic west of Calgary to Red Deer. One year I took a buddy which was lots of fun.

There has to be decent weather. The first weekend after the trip was good so I zoomed up. I was sad to learn that the owner of the store had recently passed away, but her daughter is carrying on. There are two reds on the go now, and I'll be starting a third soon. Then they'll do their thing for a few weeks, I'll get into a bottling cycle and start more. There are 8 kits to be made. I think I have enough glass, or will by the time I'm bottling the last couple batches.

Maybe by the time they are done, I'll be caught up on editing. The end is in sight. I think I was getting more tired as the trip went on. There's been a few more WTFWIT. There was one I'm glad I didn't blog and nobody will ever see it. Whew!

These busy bees are in the Wellington Botanical Garden. New Zealand bees are huge.

Driftwood of the Day
(Yesterday was the first day for this new feature.)
Still on Paekakariki or Paraparaumu beach.

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  1. I like the sensuality of today's driftwood. I have question though. Was the depth of the field a conscious choice or was is it the result necessity?
    Cheers, Sean


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