Friday, March 15, 2019

One of only a few sunsets

I didn't get a lot of sunset shots. Mostly by that time of day I was bagged, done like dinner, and half way to bed. Sometimes even all the way.

But this night we were still up, listening to the live music from the street on a warm evening. It was like old times, I looked up and scuttled for the camera. After I got the sunset shot we decided to go for a walk. It wasn't quite as nice as an evening stroll in Italy, but only because the gelato shop was long closed. Pity. Somehow the evening crowd at the Lone Star cafe and bar isn't quite the same.

This is the view from our apartment in Napier. Yes, palm trees are going in the middle what is apparently the street. It's mostly a pedestrian mall, with one narrow lane snaking along.

You may remember this chunk of driftwood from a failed evening shoot.

We were into the sunken gardens just as the light was nice.

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