Saturday, March 9, 2019

New Zealand by the numbers

Here we go. The New Zealand numbers for my buddy Julie who loves numbers!

58 days, counting arrival and departure days.

11698 photos taken in NZ, with
1078 photos edited and,
692 photos published in,
82 blogs during trip. I think. Something pretty close to those numbers anyway.
4 x 64 GB chips full.
5 x 32 GP chips full. (2 left not used.)
All photos have been imported onto the home desktop computer, and some are WOW when seen on the big screen. I will be reviewing for a long time.

5 internal NZ plane flights. (Plus 2 international flights, but that's obvious, and the flights to and from Vancouver.)
4 different cars rented. No idea how many K put on them. Many.
1 meltdown incident getting lost and swearing at Siri.
428 Km walked. (Yes, really, a little over 7K a day on average.)
671088 steps walked. (Km walked and steps are what my phone thinks. I didn't carry it all the time. There is at least another 10 K. Linda did more.)
Many public transit bus and train trips in Auckland. (The AT Hop card is awesome!)
2 out and back train trips.
1 cable car ride. (Wellington)
1 gondola ride. (Christchurch
1 tram ride. (Auckland)
3 round trip ferry rides.
2 Sound tours, Doubtful and Milford. (Involved 3 different boat rides plus 3 different bus rides.)
1 bike ride.
0 swims or runs. (Sorry Katie.)

24 beaches, some twice. Wading, no swimming.
1 castle visited.
12 (at least) gardens visited.
5 waterfalls, not counting the zillion we saw during Doubtful and Milford sounds.
1 active volcanic site.
18 look outs or observation sites. (Plus many stopping on a road for a scenic view hoping not to get run over.)
6 night sky photography outings.
5 museums. (2 of them were big, national level of quality museums, including the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit.)
1 aquarium.
5 art galleries. (I bought a photo book. Helmut Herlig.)
1 Maori cultural experience.
1 church pipe organ concert.
8 farmer's markets.
1 art deco festival. (Which is almost like saying one Calgary Stampede.)
2 wildlife sanctuary. (Confusing category, some of the gardens were plant sanctuaries.)
1 airport visit for vintage planes.
2 art walks specifically for murals.
1 official yoga session. (Linda) (Several informal ones.)

9 rental accommodations.
28 towns or cities visited. (Feet on the ground, not just driving through, not counting suburbs or similar.)
3 Countdown supermarkets. (Once because we didn't know any better, and 2 because it was closest and it's the same bottle of wine for essentially the same price. Yes, the supermarkets sell wine and beer.)
12 different New World supermarkets. (This is the good supermarket chain.)
7 (at least) occasions we ate fish and chip meals and they were all so good they knocked Nova Scotia out of the top 5, (Sorry Janice and Janet), and don't get me started on Calgary fish and chip. I may never order it again in Calgary unless they promise the cook is a Kiwi. I'll give Nova Scotia a chance to bring themselves back into top five on my next trip there.
3 tubes of sunscreen used. The surprise was that I got only two small sunburn patches on the top of my feet during a beach walk when I forgot sunscreen. Linda got a bit a burn on shoulders and neck, which was a surprise. UV is fierce there!
2 gold mine shafts looked into, though access was locked
1 tree claimed to be old AF (no idea how old some of the other trees we saw are)

Many bottles of New Zealand wine drunk. Many. All good.


  1. Wow!! It sounds like the trip of a lifetime :) Hopefully the cats have forgiven you!

  2. Fabulous numbers - and thanks...I've enjoyed being an armchair tourist, traveling through NZ with you and Linda. Looking forward to more pics ;)

    As for the fish n' chips - Britain still holds top spot for me, but NS does pretty good. Will be interesting to see if we can come close to NZ next time you're here.


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