Thursday, March 14, 2019

After Milford Sound

You may recall we took a bus to Miford Sound rather than drive ourselves there. Smart decision. It's a mountainous road even by BC and Alberta border standards. Twisty turny hilly isn't even the beginning of it.

Linda, playing with a rock. Just an ordinary run of the mill rock, nothing special for size from when they constructed the tunnel.

Our tour bus is in front and you can see the exit structure of the tunnel behind it. That cliff face is seriously up.

More of the views from that parking lot.

 A nearly 360 panorama from that parking lot. You can just see our bus, and Linda is just showing at the bottom of the shot. This seriously reduces the scale of the mountains, but I did this to see if it would work. This panorama is nearly 25000 px wide, and would print out almost 7 feet wide by about 20 inches high.

I liked the texture of this rock.

What's a mountain without mountain streams?

I was delighted the camera captured the light as I saw it.

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  1. I particularly like the pano, and the green water. Funnily enough it has a greater sense of movement than the other 2. I also like the sense of depth in the green water photo. Cheers, Sean


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