Tuesday, November 1, 2016

So it begins.

This was my view this morning on a photo scouting trip.

Yes, it was snowing briefly, but more will come.  Yes, I could have removed some of that haze and snow using Lightroom, but it suits my mood this morning.

The intent was to find a spot for shooting tail light trails, but the geography is a bit different when you walk it, so I didn't get quite the view I had wanted. There is one shot with some interesting light trails in the river, if you know exactly where to look, and use your imagination a little.

However, I was surprised and got this view.

You can be forgiven for asking, WTF am I looking at? That's digester number 12, plus the PGH building, and what caught my eye is the two flares. Normally the digesters produce enough gas to run two generator sets at full output with just a little left over. This is more than the little bit left over, so maybe they're doing some work of some kind.

But that's not the important part, it's just what caught my eye. Of all the places I've ever worked, this one has the biggest hold on my imagination and so is the place where my NaNoWriMo is going to kick off. My protagonist, Ceridwen Burns works there, and her version of the plant is extremely interesting in a special way (3 almost-books worth), beyond the fact that a body was once found there and that there is a monastery on the plant grounds. The intent of this month's writing is to blitz out 50K words starting with the discovery of the plant and my protagonist.

Here's what's first, as of now, and it might change.

"What do you mean, it's not done? How can it be there and not done?"

"I tried, sir, really. Two steps and I got a splitting headache. I could barely see and lucky to get out before I puked."

"A headache. I send you off to find the answer to a simple question, and you tell me you came back because of a headache. Would you care to tell me why I employ you?"

"Results sir. I'll try again tomorrow, and take some aspirin first."

Regan eyed his employee with a tight smile for a long moment. "In your experience, do I like waiting for results?" he asked softly.

"No sir!"

"What does that tell about when you're going to take your pills?"

"Now, sir?"

Regan smiled his tight smile again, and waved one hand as if brushing fluff off a sleeve.

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