Friday, November 18, 2016

The quiet end of downtown

Sorry, just a photo for you. This was an afterthought, looking at the west end of downtown from the far west end of the bluff just north of downtown. There's some pretty swanky houses along there. Of course the sky isn't particularly dramatic, sorry about that. And this end of downtown isn't the dramatic end with the tallest buildings. Still, the Husky and Nexen buildings are pretty tall, and the view west and southwest from the top floor of Nexen can't be beat. Plus, Neil Z's favourite bridge is lurking in there.

In other news the computer domestication is going well. Found a few more bits of software I wanted. Remember that day I spent I don't know how long trying to figure out how to turn a bunch of still shots into a movie using iMovie? Well, screw that. It's called Time Lapse Assembler, you can find it here. You're welcome.

I'm still getting used to the big trackpad. It takes a light touch, and I don't have all the gestures figured out yet. And I'm still getting used to the screen. I've got Lightroom sprawled out all relaxed across the couch and part of the coffee table, and there's still room for other stuff.

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